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February 2016 Issue
Bridging the Generation Gap
Properly onboarding and training the millenial workforce can put them and your company on the path to success.
U.S. Companies Lack Diverse Leadership
Women climbing the corporate ladder may still find the top rungs out of reach.
The Ticking Bomb and the Slow Drip
Will proposed tax increases really fix the state’s budget problems?
Asset Thinking in Your Organization
Employees who consider themselves assets are essential to 21st century organizations. These are the essential knowledge workers who sustain the growth and development of the company.
Dig Deeper:
Why The FLSA’s New Overtime Requirements May Impact Your Bottom Line.
Upcoming business events
Social Network
The February issue's Social Network photos.
Corner Office: Small Business Success
Invoice2Go ranked Philadelphia ninth among the top 25 cities where America’s small businesses are thriving in 2016.
Setting the Standard for Excellence
Far beyond watching their company’s bottom line, strong leaders establish guiding principles for their business and their employees, and make sure those principles resonate throughout the company.
Women to Watch
These 15 female professionals are poised to change the face of Philadelphia’s business community.
Building Blocks
The Philadelphia area has become a place where development is business and business is good.