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Keys to Social Media Marketing Success

by Jackie Kollar

It’s 2017, people. Today, enacting an effective social media strategy requires more than just throwing stuff at the (Facebook) wall. Take the time to outline what you’re publishing to ensure your message is meaningful and powerful. Here are five quick ways to craft your perfect social media presence.

1.) Know your audience. This seems like common sense, but outlining and understanding your digital audience is the first step to strategy success. Organizations that put in the research and recognize how their audiences behave engage and play on each social channel outlines where they need to be, as well as how they need to interact as a brand.

2.) Tell us a story. Don’t just sell me a $5 bar of soap. Sell me on the story behind your soap. The art of speaking to your audience without hard-selling a product or service is inherently social media- centric. As humans, we’ve been exposed to interruptive advertising our entire lives, and as a result, we only read what we want to read. We’re trained to be selective and we’re attracted toward topical and brand-related ideas.

3.) Find your voice. “Good evening,” or “’Sup, tho?” Think about how you connect to others in your own tone of voice. The same applies to the digital space. Comical, cynical, professional or just plain weird—establish an emotional connection through a consistent tone of voice. Remember to ask yourself: If your organization is a person, who exactly are they?

4.) Push your creative boundaries. Social media is not the place for press releases, white papers and annual reports. It is, however, the place for 360-degree videos, memes, infographics and overall experimentation. Most important, it is a place to cross your creative comfort zone and leave a memorable impact on your audience.

5.) Engage. We often confuse social media with traditional marketing tactics, forgetting that “social” is a two-way street. You need to communicate, listen and engage with your audience. Join the online conversation in a conversational way that doesn’t feel like you’re talking like a robot. Remember: Your social media presence doesn’t evolve overnight. Taking the time to strategize saves plenty of headaches down the road.

Jackie Kollar serves as director of digital strategy for ChatterBlast Media.

Published (and copyrighted) in Philly Biz, Volume 2, Issue 3 (March, 2017).
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