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Small but Mighty

by Michelle Boyles and Catherine DeMuro

There is no denying that our area is home to some of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious corporations and that these have influenced the economic stability of the region. This month, however, we pay homage to another set of equally influential businesses, who are also making a significant impact on our community. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”

This year’s Small Business Award winners work every day to utilize every tool at their disposal to drive their industries forward and improve the lives and livelihoods of those who live and work here.

Founded: 2004
Top executives: Mark Patten and Lance Hollander, Managing Partners
Total staff: 75
Delphic Digital fuses design, storytelling and analytics to create beautifully effective digital marketing strategies and enjoyable experiences to help their clients grow. They are committed to delivering bold ideas and deep, actionable insights to achieve meaningful and measurable results. Based in the artistic Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia, Delphic Digital is a Sitecore Gold Partner and repeatedly named one of the fastest-growing businesses in the area.

Founded: 2012
Top executive: Stanley Pittman, Founder/CEO
Total staff: 25
Eigen X strives to support a culture of continuous learning for both their clients and their employees. They keep clients “in the know”; continuously sharing best practices and bringing the latest thinking to help solve their biggest challenges. They encourage the type of entrepreneurial and problem-solving culture that provides significant opportunities for personal and professional growth for both their employees and their clients.

Founded: 2016
Top executive: Shashwata Narain, CEO
Total staff: 4
Fermentec uses its patented technology in microfluidics to expedite the speed of fermentation at industrially relevant volumes by at least three times.

Founded: 2008
Top executive: Joe Nattans, President
Total staff: 197
GMH is a different kind of mortgage lender. By focusing on people instead of profits, they build lasting relationships with customers and colleagues—relationships built on trust, confidence and community.

Founded: 2008
Top executive: Jim Murphy, CEO
Total staff: 108
Greenphire’s mission is to transform the way payments are made in the clinical trial setting by replacing burdensome, fragmented and inaccurate manual processes with global payment and planning solutions. Their best-in-class payment solutions remove barriers and burdens from patient participation in clinical trials, allow medical staff to focus more on treating patients and less on administration, and enable sponsor organizations to improve workflow efficiency, financial visibility and transparency.

Founded: 2014
Top executive: Morgan Berman, CEO, Founder
Total staff: 6
MilkCrate encourages both individuals and whole communities to rally around making sustainable lifestyle choices. They support the idea that the potential to create a sustainable future is in all of us.

Founded: 2014
Top executive: Robert Alonso, President and CEO
Total staff: 6
Mitochon’s mission is to bring forward meaningful drugs that work at the root of insidious neurological diseases. By harnessing the power of the mitochondria, they believe that devastating diseases like Huntingtons disease, Duchennes muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis can be hastened and lives can be more fully lived.

Founded: 2014
Top executives: (Owners and Co-founders) Eric Griffin Dennis O’Donnell
Total staff: 16
Mobile Outfitters’ mission is to inspire people by sharing their entrepreneurial spirit through innovative products.

Founded: 2008
Top executive: Lucinda Duncalfe, President & CEO
Total staff: 190
Monetate empowers brands to interact uniquely with each customer across Web, email and mobile apps so they can deliver engaging experiences that drive great business results.

Founded: 1954
Top executive: Angelo Perryman, CEO
Total staff: 20-plus
Perryman Building and Construction is one of the leading, full-service construction companies on the East Coast, self-performing project planning, management and construction projects for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, transportation, energy, parks and others.

Founded: 2013
Top executive: Greg Sterndale, CEO
Total staff: 19
Great software isn’t an accident. It takes a team of skilled experts. Not only is PromptWorks passionate about building great software, but they have the technical expertise to bring it to life. They love solving complex problems and building user experiences that surprise and delight users.

Founded: 2015
Top executive: Mohamed Zerban, CEO, Founder
Total staff: 10
Tern Water’s mission is to provide smart, sustainable and healthy water for consumers. This will be accomplished through modular products that can fit into existing homes and convenient services that can ensure users always have access to this quality water.

Founded: 2010
Top executive: Brian Brossman, Jason Allum and Mac Morgan, Co-founders
Total staff: 60
Tonic Design is a digital experience agency that’s focused on cutting-edge, emerging technologies. They work with some of the world’s biggest brands to create human experiences through tech to improve lives and empower end users. Every day they hone their craft, and always have their eyes on what’s coming next.

Founded: 2014
Top executive: Rahul Jain, CEO
Total staff: 7
TowerView Health is a medication adherence startup founded after their co-founder was diagnosed with leukemia. By focusing on simplicity and ease of use, TowerView helps the 1 in 3 Americans with a chronic illness better manage complex medication schedules. Patients on TowerView’s service receive pre-sorted medication trays filled by a pharmacy that insert into a smart pillbox that can read when patients forget a dose and automatically sends a text, phone, email, or on-box reminder to patients and their caregivers.

Founded: 2015
Top executive: Avi Loren Fox, Founder and Designer
Total staff: 1
Wild Mantle presents cozy hooded-scarves called mantles that turn anything into a cozy hoodie. Customers say it feels like a hug! Their mission is to deliver confidence and courage as the individual discovers and takes up the mantles of their own life.

Published (and copyrighted) in Philly Biz, Volume 1, Issue 10 (September, 2016).
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